Climate Action Panel Submission


The Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition (NEBCRMC) recently submitted a brief to the BC Climate Action Panel that is currently reviewing BC’s Climate Action Leadership Plan. The Coalition supports BC’s Climate Action Charter and its goal of BC becoming carbon-neutral and creation of complete, compact and energy-efficient communities. The Coalition urges the province to look at the carbon emission impacts of remote work-camps and fly-in/fly-out construction camps versus housing project workers in nearby communities. The Coalition also reminds the province that the natural resources extracted and processed in Northeast BC are sold on world-markets and that additional costs can make those resources uncompetitive n global markets. The Coalition also points out that the low-carbon content of natural gas in Northeast BC could also help lower global carbon emissions by being used as a replacement for coal in coal-fired electrical and heat generating plants.

Mayor Rob Fraser of Taylor states “It is important that our Coalition continue to play an active role as the voice for Northeastern BC on important issues such as Climate Change. Our Economy and our communities depend on responsible development and we must be active participants in conversations about the environment, the economy ad responsible development. We believe strongly our submission to the BC Climate Action Panel reflects these principles.”

Mayor Lori Ackerman of Fort St John says “Northeast BC has contributed over $20 billion in land sales and royalties from the natural gas sector alone since 2003. Its critical to our region that the province consider the implications of imposing any new costs or policies that makes our natural gas industry uncompetitive in domestic or global markets. We strongly support the province’s goal of BC becoming carbon-neutral and we feel strongly that the suggestions we’ve made to help achieve this goal are credible and achievable.”

Mayor Bill Streeper of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality adds “The value of our Coalition is our ability to work cooperatively as communities on issues of common interest and there is nothing more important to people in Northeast BC than a healthy environment and a strong economy that provides jobs and new investment. The issue of climate change is as important to our citizens as it is to people elsewhere in British Columbia. Our submission to the Climate Action Panel reflects these values and our interest in helping BC achieve its goal of becoming carbon-neutral and supporting responsible development in the resource sectors.”

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