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February 29, 2016
For Immediate Release

Fort St. John, BC - The Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition (Coalition) today welcomed its 9th member, the Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce.

Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Bev Vandersteen states, “Our Chamber of Commerce was invited to actively participate in the Coalition’s Upstream Update Forum held last November in Fort St. John and we were very impressed not only with the event but also the inclusive, proactive messages to government, industry and First Nations from the Coalition itself. We saw first-hand how dedicated the Coalition is to research on the issues of utmost importance to Northeast BC and how the Coalition is dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges and opportunities that face our region. We’re confident that in joining the Coalition we will be part of a team of local governments, business and industry organizations that will work together for the benefit of all our communities. We also appreciate that the Coalition is confident in the review of the PNW LNG project conducted by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and is lending its support to this vital project that will contribute greatly to a bright future for British Columbia. Our Chamber also fully supports this vital project.”

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Mayor Bill Streeper said, “I’m very pleased the Fort Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce has decided to join our Coalition and bring their energy and perspectives to the important conversations about the future of Northeast BC. It means our community and region now has two voices at the Coalition table and twice the opportunity to represent the views of our citizens, business and industry. And I’m delighted the Fort Nelson & District Chamber is also supporting the Coalition’s position to support the PNW LNG Project and will encourage its members to do the same.”
Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman added, “The Fort Nelson & District Chamber now brings the Coalition membership to nine and we couldn’t be happier. Having the Fort Nelson & District Chamber join the Fort St. John & District and the Dawson Creek Chambers along with our three municipal members and Energy Services BC and the Northern BC Truckers Association makes us a more powerful voice for Northeast BC when deal with governments and industry. I welcome our friends from the Fort Nelson & District CoC.”

Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser stated, “Our vision for the Coalition from the beginning has been to be a voice for all municipalities and community, business and industry organizations who contribute so much to the quality of life we all enjoy in Northeast BC. Late last year we welcomed the Fort St John & District CoC, the Dawson Creek & District CoC, the Northern BC Truckers Association and Energy Services BC to join the three continuing municipal members. The addition of the Fort Nelson & District CoC makes our voice stronger and adds to our purpose to serve our citizens, communities, businesses and industry.”

Coalition Executive Director Colin Griffith says, “We welcome our newest member of the Coalition and look forward to their participation in future Coalition events. Fort Nelson is a critical community to the development of BC’s LNG Industry. There are globally significant natural gas fields in the Fort Nelson area and that resource will help supply the proposed LNG plants planned for BC’s Northcoast and elsewhere. We’re pleased that the Fort Nelson & District CoC also endorses the Coalition position to support the proposed PNW LNG project. CEAA has undertaken a thorough review of the project and is currently welcoming public comments and Coalition members are working to ensure that everyone in Northeast BC who supports the project takes time to write a letter of support and send it to CEAA.”

The Coalition’s next forum is tentatively scheduled to take place in Taylor, BC April 18-20. Visit the Coalition’s website at: in the weeks ahead for more information on the forum.
Those wishing to write a letter of support for the PNW LNG project can send a letter via email to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) at:

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