April 14th, 2016

For Immediate Release

The Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition (Coalition) today welcomed its 10th member, the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce. 

Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tonia Richter states “The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce feels confident that in joining the Coalition we will be part of a team of local governments, business and industry organizations that will work together for the benefit of all our communities. We look forward to working with the members of the coalition and our fellow Chambers in our region on issues, opportunities and challenges faced in North Eastern BC”

Fort St John Mayor Lori Ackerman said  “The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce joining our Coalition is exciting news as we now move from a Coalition of 9 members to 10.  This addition brings new perspectives and concepts not just from the oil & gas resource community but also from mining and forestry at the ground level.”

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Mayor Bill Streeper said “Our vision has always been to have a unified voice for Northeastern BC and it is exciting to know the business community and the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce shares this vision with us. ”

Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser added “It is exciting to see our voice get stronger with the addition of Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce and their 135 members.  The Coalition maintains an open invitation to all Northeastern BC business associations and municipalities to join and strengthen our voice even more.”

Coalition Executive Director Colin Griffith says “We welcome our newest member of the Coalition and look forward to their participation in future Coalition events.   The membership of the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce gives the Coalition representation from another key service centre community in our region.”



Mayor Lori Ackerman – 250.787.8150

Mayor Rob Fraser – 250-789-3392

Mayor Bill Streeper – 250.774.2541

Colin Griffith, Executive Director – 780.933.9054