Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition Reaction to BCNDP Framework for Natural Gas Devleopment

News Release March 23, 2018

Northeast BC – The Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition (the Coalition) is optimistic about British Columbia’s new framework for natural gas development. 

The Coalition agrees that major Natural Gas projects should guarantee a fair return on BC’s natural resources, provide jobs and opportunities for British Columbians, respect First Nations and protect BC’s natural resources for generations to come.  The Coalition’s 2015 BC Climate Leadership Plan states “The impact of any climate policy actions on the competitiveness of trade-exposed sectors should be considered with a clear goal to maintain or improve competitiveness with respect to major trading partners as well as competing jurisdictions.”

The framework’s acknowledgement of the importance of positive actions supporting resource development supports British Columbia’s ability to develop its resources in a sustainable way that grows our economy creates community-building jobs while protecting the environment.  The reinvestment of carbon tax revenues in industry supports the Coalition’s assertion that in the long term, maintaining economic growth and emissions reduction can only be achieved by increasing the rate of capital investment in technological innovation.

“This framework acknowledges the importance of British Columbia’s Natural Gas and LNG as a clean, reliable, and affordable energy source that will move BC, Canada and our world partners to a lower carbon economy.”  - Mayor Lori Ackerman

Mayor Don McPherson states “The fact that the province has taken a collaborative and forward focused approach to a joint financial analysis of the project is very positive.  I feel optimism building around British Columbia’s LNG industry.”

“The specific measures in the framework demonstrate a positive approach to allocation of carbon tax revenue, and a balanced approach to sustainable development and GHG reduction.” Mayor Rob Fraser

“The importance of access to the global market for BC Natural Gas cannot be over emphasized.  The Horn River and Montney basins contain resources sufficient to meet our domestic and export needs for more than 125 years.”  Mayor Bill Streeper

The Northeast Resource Municipalities Coalition (the “Coalition”) was formed to protect and enhance the existing quality of life and level of services for citizens in the Peace Region and Northern Rockies while facilitating resource development in North Eastern British Columbia. The current members are the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (the “NRRM”), the District of Tumbler Ridge, the City of Fort St. John and the District of Taylor.


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Director of Strategic Services
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